Xiaomi OCOOKER Toaster CR-DSL01

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  • 38mm widened baking trough
  • Three baking methods are optional
  • High Baking Efficiency
  • CN Plug

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Main Features:

*High efficiency: 800W double heating wire can be roasted at the same time, and the roasting is more efficient.
*38mm widened baking trough: suitable for bread slices of different thickness, the baked taste is as crisp and delicious.
*Three baking methods are optional: double-sided baking, defrosting baking, and reheating.
*Automatic power off: no need to watch, power off automatically after completion

SpecificationProduct name: Toaster
Product model: CR-DSL01
Rated power: 220V /50Hz 800W
Control mode: electronic button + 6-speed baking color control
Rated capacity: two pieces
Plug: AU
Product size: 290*194*194mm
Main functions: single/double slice baking, thawing, reheating, cancelPackage ContentsHost*1
Sandwich clip*1
Dust cover*1
Adapter*1(according to your country)

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 19.40 × 29.00 × 19.40 cm


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