Trifo Max Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner (Standard)

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  • 33% More Suction Power
  • Pet Hair Extractor
  • Advanced Visual Navigation
  • Real-time Video Recording
  • Innovative Human-Robot Interaction
  • EU plug
  • Wifi connected
  • Manipulate by Trifo app

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Trifo app.- during registration please choose ANY EU Country.
*Do not register under Malaysia*

Alexa – to be connected with Trifo with EU Amazon ID.
Methods to connect to Alexa
1. Sign into your Amazon retail accountNavigate to the "Content and Devices" section of your account: "Country/Region Settings"
2Click "Change"
3. Either choose an existing address from the dropdown menu or enter a new address (Must be EU address)
4. Click "Update"

Advanced Navigation
Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System is the secret to Max's ability to know where he is and what the most efficient cleaning route will be. 

Real-time Map
Max creates a real-time map of your home. While you're away, view his progress from the map he builds as he works, or program Max

to clean your home.

Video Surveillance
When you're at work or travelling, turn on the camera and remote control Max through Trifo Home app to see and hear what's going on at home. 

Live Video Communicator
Yes, you can see and talk to family members, pets, or even intruders through Max. Simply access your video stream and press the mic icon to start speaking! 

Recharge and Resume
Max's 5200 mAh battery keeps him going up to 120 minutes. When he finishes cleaning or runs out of battery, Max will dock himself


Manual Control
Easily direct Max around your home using an arrow key. You can also adjust suction power or switch on Spiral Cleaning for a specific spot. 
Max Pet Only

  • 33% more suction power: 4000 Pa compared to 3000 Pa
  • Tangle-free pet hair extractor: Interchangeable with original main brush

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Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 35.00 × 35.00 × 8.00 cm


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